It’s always been a magical place, but over the past decade or so, Montecito has taken on a decidedly international personality all its own. Perhaps the arrival of Oprah Winfrey was the catalyst, although the folks that introduced her to Montecito had obviously heard about it and...

…Montecito has become not just a place, but the home or home away from home for at least 15 billionaires, a mélange of captains of industry, successful Hollywood producers, directors, writers, actors, investors, songwriters, musicians, sports heroes, race car drivers, entrepreneurs, bankers, inventors, real-estate magnates, scientists, balloonists, hoteliers, writers, and…

…In other words, a group of individuals perfectly suited to comment on the passing scene from a unique vantage point now call Montecito home. Consequently, Montecito Journal’s glossy magazine supplement to its weekly newspaper won’t so much be written this mix of wealthy, successful, and interesting people as it will be written members of this accomplished meritocracy. The magazine’s content of local, national, and international perspectives, stories, and photos on art, autos, culture, politics, business, sports, travel, and many other subjects will be written by the people of Montecito, but applicable, accessible, and entertaining to people who don’t necessarily live here…

…Stock market crash? Who better to analyze it than one of America’s most successful stock market gurus who happens to live in Montecito? Hollywood writers’ strike? Who knows more about its repercussions than some of the biggest producers and writers who happen to live in Montecito? Recession and housing bust? Who better to comment upon developments than some of the most successful stock and real estate investors who happen to live in Montecito? The art market? Who better to analyze auctions, sales, hits, flops, artists and trends than top art collectors who happen to live in Montecito?

Got the picture?


Diana Starr Langley
Montecito Journal Glossy


Montecito Journal Glossy Edition is published semi-annually. It is sent to every home in Montecito, Hope Ranch, Summerland,
Malibu (Los Angeles) and will also be available both on selected Montecito Journal news racks, and in high-end hotels and resorts.

When mailed, each magazine is wrapped in a clear protective wrinkle-free mylar bag,
insuring each copy of the Montecito Journal arrives fully intact and in pristine condition.

Mailed to every Home, P.O. Box and Business in:

  • MONTECITO - 10,000 population
  • MALIBU (LOS ANGELES) - 12,000 population
  • HOPE RANCH - 2200 population
  • SUMMERLAND - 1448 population

Partial list of distribution locations:

  • Four Seasons Biltmore
  • Montecito Inn
  • San Ysidro Ranch
  • Lucky’s
  • Pierre Lafond
  • Prudential California Realty
  • Village Properties
  • Ty Warner Hotels And Resorts
  • Montecito Country Club
  • Coral Casino
  • Santa Barbara Bank & Trust
  • Silverhorn
  • Bryant And Sons
  • Coldwell Banker

Montecito locations are refilled twice weekly (every Thursday and Saturday),
ensuring that Montecito Journal Glossy is always available (though we frequently run out before refill!).

2017 Circulation

We print 25,000 copies with an estimated readership of 90,000+

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  • Publisher
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  • tim@montecitojournal.net


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