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ver the years, Montecito has attracted a number of the biggest
names in fashion. The world’s first super model,
Suzy Parker
for example, lived in Montecito until she passed away in May, 2003.
Cuban designer
Luis Estevez
, who became a clothing-design star
in the 1950s and earned a Coty Award at the tender age of twenty-
four, opened a couturier boutique on Coast Village Road back
in the 1990s and continues to live in the area. Interior designer
John Saladino
calls Montecito home, as does
Gene Montesano
co-founder of Lucky Brand.
Anita Roddick
of the Body Shop chain of
cosmetics was also a Montecito resident until her death a little over a year
ago. And, now we can add at least one more name to that prestigious list:
clothing designer
Kate McHale
t y l e
by Judy Foreman
Taking a Star Turn