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Publisher’s Note
Setting off on the maiden voyage of SS Montecito Journal (glossy edition: the
weekly is 13 years old), Tim Buckley thought it vital to introduce fellow travelers
to Montecito itself.
The Writers
A fine group of humans, many of whom live in Montecito, helped put this
journal together; you’ll learn a little about them here.
Mainstage Dreams
Guitarist David Hekhouse and drummer Jesse Benenati’s day jobs are as
leading members of The Tearaways, a longtime and successful rock group
(seven albums/CDs since 1993); when not busy making music, however,
the duo’s Mainstage Dream Tours brings budding musicians to London and
Liverpool for unequaled live action rock experiences.
Coral Casino Beach and Cabana Club
Not long ago, there were two main Montecito hangouts: Miramar Beach &
Tennis Club and Coral Casino Beach and Cabana Club. Recently, both were
closed, but Coral Casino came back online in a big way in late September with
a Louis Vuitton fashion show and Heal The Ocean fundraiser
Landmarks & Lodging
When owner Ty Warner admitted to having spent over $240 million to renovate
Montecito’s 81-year-old Biltmore Hotel, some at the L.A. Times and elsewhere
wondered where all that money went; we found out.
Moguls & Mansions
Without the grand estates, Montecito would be just another seaside town.
Frederick Forrest Peabody, he of the Arrow Shirt Company, built Solano, one of
the earliest and finest of those Montecito mansions.
(from left) Jesse Benenati, Don Fergusson,
and David Hekhouse are “The Ride” (photo
by Lindsey Eltinge; not in photo are The Ride
members Stacey Fergusson and Jon Payne)