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Jordan Pope
n a quest to capture “the light” for which Santa Barbara is most famous, plein
air artist Jordan Pope moved to our seaside town from Seattle, Washington, in
2001. Santa Barbara, which sits on a rare, south-facing outreach of land, boasts
pristine beaches bathed in luminescent colors, drawing artists from around the world who
hope to capture its essence.
On this, the 12th year of her residence – and the 12th anniversary of opening her
Montecito art gallery, Portico Gallery – Pope has set out to create “Twelve Months of Light,” a collection of romantic plein air paintings depicting each month of the year.
She started the undertaking almost two years ago, and hopes to complete the final four pieces by the end of 2013.
Dedicating her life to painting, Pope has shown her work in numerous national and international exhibitions, and has been recognized and lauded for her talent in
by Kel ly Mahan
March Wind
A washed up boat on Butterfly Beach evokes
a still and quiet scene against the setting sun
February Storm
The artist says the delicate light and gentle shadows
are actually harder to capture than brilliant color
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