Page 128 - Montecito Journal Glossy Edition Summer Fall 2013

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by Chuck Graham
e swam side by side with the outgoing tide. Surprisingly, my
breaststroke kept pace with the smooth serpentine glide of
a marine iguana in the clear aqua blue waters off Española
Island, part of the Galápagos Islands.
Swimming back to the boat and around certain volcanic features of the
Galápagos was a common thread for me. Usually the boat was anchored
about a quarter mile off the islands, so I’d drop my
camera gear off with the crew and
then swim back in the
Island Hopping in the Galápagos
El Niño induced warm waters of the volcanic archipelago. At times I was
joined by playful Galápagos sea lions and fur seals and docile green sea
turtles. Once, even a Galápagos shark cruised by me.
On Bartolomé Island I left the beach, swam across its scenic,
crescent moon-shaped cove and eventually around Pinnacle Rock, which
is the most distinct volcanic feature on this small island and the most
representative landmark of the Galápagos. Behind the
towering spire is a small cave
that houses a hardy
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