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ff the field, Leigh Brecheen is an entertainment attorney, practicing
law in Los Angeles as head of the television department for Bloom
et al
. Leigh’s office is in Beverly Hills and she says, “I
represent mostly talent: actors, directors, writers, producers, and a
few companies that own intellectual property. I represent Conan
O’Brian, Jenny McCarthy, John Oliver, and I do a lot of work for Imagine, Charlie Sheen,
Jerry Bruckheimer, and Chuck Roven. We are lucky, we have a great entertainment practice
and I’ve been really fortunate with my clients. I meet some really nice really talented people.”
Leigh and her husband, John Dellaverson, have two children – a daughter Griffin (18)
and son Hunter (16). “John was a partner at the law firm Loeb and Loeb and opened their
Rome office. He had an office there for about fifteen years, was involved in the beginning
of Lionsgate, and is now the Vice Chairman of Film Finances – which actually sponsored
a polo team last year,” says Leigh, explaining that Film Finances is a completion bond
company for films, “so we both work in film and television.”
“My daughter, Griffin, loves polo and plays. She is going to college next year at the
University of St. Andrews in Scotland,” says Leigh. Griffin, who is clearly a big fan and
quite proud of her mom, says, “My mom got into polo before it was a sport for women, and
for a long time I was a tomboy in part because of my mom playing with all the boys on the
polo field and at work. My mom can ride anyone off the field.” When asked if she will play
polo at college, Griffin responds, “absolutely!”
“My son, Hunter, does track and field, but he’s more of an intellectual than an athlete,
and, ironically, is allergic to horses and doesn’t particularly like them, either. My husband
is a great golfer. He did try polo once for three minutes, dislocated his shoulder, and that
was the end of the family polo team,” says Leigh noting she also has a step-daughter, Cara
Dellaverson, who is senior Vice President of television at Lionsgate.
Eva Van Prooyen
Photographed by
TC Reiner
A passion
for polo