Page 69 - Montecito Journal Glossy Edition Winter Spring 2014/15

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here are some places that stick with you long after
you’ve left. Mate Gallery in Montecito is one such
In just 160 square feet, the little shop transports you to an
East Coast sanctuary, capturing characteristics of Montauk,
Nantucket, and Martha’s Vineyard with a hint of California.
Vignettes greet you with every step, creating a treasure chest
from a masculine point of view. From estate sales and antique
markets along the Atlantic Coast, each item is considerately
curated by owners Matt Albiani and Ron Brand.
True, anyone can shop for antiques, but the vision
behind the gallery is what makes it a place to be experienced.
“We’ve always looked at Mate Gallery as kind of a
laboratory in the most creative sense,” says co-owner and
renowned photographer Albiani. “The store goes through
a metamorphosis. Every month, we do a full overhaul with
new and vintage products. The gallery has turned into an
installation itself.”
Each transformation is more exquisite than the last. How
Albiani and Brand are able to reinvent the space time and time
again is awe-inspiring. Watching them in action is just shy of
performance art. With imagination, quick decisions, and allowing
the shop to naturally unfold, Albiani and Brand put heart and
soul into the space – and it is felt. To visit is to be inspired.
The new website allows admirers
from coast to coast to get a piece of the magic.
@MateGallery on Instagram is a continuous reminder of the
evolving space in the heart of Montecito. At the very least,
Mate Gallery proves one thing: change is good.
1024 Coast Village Road, Montecito CA