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Publisher’s Note
Montecito and Santa Barbara are about to receive the kind of treatment
from writer/director Nancy Meyers that Woody Allen reserves for his beloved
Manhattan or that director Alexander Payne discovered in “Sideways,” his
paean to Santa Ynez Valley
The Search for Jewels & Gems
Mike and Carole Ridding of Silverhorn have traveled to some of the most
forlorn places on Earth in a never-ending hunt for the world’s most precious
minerals and gemstones; luckily for their clients they usually find what they
are looking for
“Old World” Jeweler
Daniel Gibbings’ goal is to make jewellery (he prefers this spelling) the old-
fashioned way: hammered, shaped, twisted and soldered by hand, as his
counterparts have done for at least the past three thousand years
Pearl Hunter
Jeremy Norris has been searching for – and finding – pearls ever since a
diver friend of his opened a treasure box filled with abalone pearls he’d
collected. While Jeremy may not have found the perfect pearl, he believes
he has come close with a recent find of a forty-carat teardrop-shaped
treasure from the Deep South
Up and Out
Professor Julian Nott calls himself “a balloonist,” and why not? He created
the field and was Europe’s first (and only, at the time) licensed balloon pilot.
This issue, he examines some of the early wonders of flight via France’s early
pioneers: the Montgolfier brothers and the lesser known but more influential
Jacques Charles
Weekend Getaway
While it may seem that Montecito is a perfect getaway, for those who live
here, to “get away” often means to head north towards San Francisco, the
Monterey Peninsula, or Big Sur, and sometimes just to El Paso de Robles
One-of-a-kind gold rings designed by Daniel
Gibbings, detailed carving especially crafted
for Silverhorn (photo credits: rings by Heidi
Bergseteren, carving by Lindsey Eltinge)