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Mike Ridding
, co-owners of Silverhorn at
1155 Coast Village Road in Montecito, are partners in
every sense of the word; they have been married 41 years,
were together before that hiking and exploring abandoned mines in
search of mineral specimens on weekends while still in college, and
have owned and operated Silverhorn since 1976. They still travel
together to out-of-the-way and often dangerous places in pursuit
of exotic gemstones and other rarities.
Carole is the knowledgeable proprietor of one of the
most renowned gem and jewel shops in the United States. Her
peripatetic husband, Mike, is the Tiger Woods of his industry.
Spelunking since a child in the caves and caverns outside Toronto,
Mike has been a mineral collector his entire life and knows as much
about stones, quartz, cuts, and facets as Tiger does about bunkers,
drives, chip shots, and putting, and both began their respective careers at
a young age.
by James Buckley
The Search for
spr ing
Mike Ridding, co-owner of
Silverhorn, has traveled to
forlorn and war-torn areas in
search of minerals, stones,
jewels, and gems, and has
the wardrobe to prove it