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Coming Home To Roost
t all started with a book I was reading, “Heat,” by Bill Buford. He was
talking about making fresh pasta and how the best pasta requires
really good eggs from nearly wild, local chickens. Eggs whose yolks
are the particular shade of orange, not pale yellow, and whose whites
stand up tall when you break them into a pan. My quest had begun; I
became obsessed. Where to find the eggs of my dreams? Thus, my
research began.
It seems that “industrial farming” has taken over our food supply
and in order to get more eggs in less time, the “folks in charge”
have developed breeds of “super chickens” that mature faster and
produce more eggs than any chickens in history. And, because of
the unhealthy conditions in which they are raised, the birds are
susceptible to disease so they are given powerful antibiotics and
growth hormones. They are fed animal parts (including chicken)
as well as GMO corn. This was enough for me to swear off
supermarket chicken and eggs for the rest of my life. (For all
the facts, go to and be sure to
check out the award-winning film “The Meatrix” while
you are there.)
Gar den Gossip
by Lisa Cullen
“Regard it just as desirable to build a chicken house as to build a cathedral”
– Frank Lloyd Wright