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Publisher’s Note
Keeping Montecito small is becoming more difficult with the passing years.
Although most residents appreciate the need for modernizing, the new
roundabout at the west end of Coast Village Road is an example of the
kind of urban intrusion that most would rather keep to a minimum.
Real Estates
When Peter Kavoian and Ray Winn decided to purchase and renovate the
1929 Reginald Johnson-designed 19,500-square-foot mansion on five acres
of prime Montecito ocean-view land, they understood it would require the
best of everything, attention to the smallest of details, and the addition of
certain elements – safe rooms, screening room, wine cellar, etc. – in order
to attract the kind of buyer that would appreciate – and could afford – a
home of this caliber.
D-Day Landings
The landing beaches of Normandy have a special, nearly magnetic,
appeal for Americans of all ages. If you plan to visit this hallowed ground
where nearly 10,000 GIs gave their last full measure of devotion, we
suggest you hire a guide. For our money, Colonel (retired) Oliver Warman
of the British Special Forces turned out to be the most entertaining and
knowledgeable companion we could have hoped for.
Lotusland is opera diva Madame Ganna Walska’s legacy to Montecito; its
cycads, bromeliads, and luxurious lotus blossoms have enthralled visitors
since Lotusland opened to the public in 1993. As fascinating as those plants
are, executive director Gwen Stauffer suggests the rest of the story of this
fabled estate is every bit as intriguing.
Moguls & Mansions
Major Max Fleischmann learned to watch his words at an early age; when
he told his father that he found the huge furnaces at his dad’s giant yeast
processing plant most interesting, he was put to work shoveling coal into
them. As an adult and heir to the Fleischmann fortune, Max devoted his life
to sports, adventure, and philanthropy.
Music Academy of the West
Miraflores is the former Montecito estate that is now home to Music
Academy of the West, a name second perhaps only to Juilliard in the
United States as a paradigm of musical and artistic excellence.
Cover Photo:
19th Century original signed French
garden sculpture representing an
‘Allegory of Spring’ was purchased
by the owners of our featured home
on a trip to Paris