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ave you ever been to Lotusland?
It’s a simple question that usually elicits one of three responses: “Yes, I have already seen it;”
“No, I hear you can hardly ever get in there,” or, “What’s Lotusland?”
For those who ask the last question, the answer most commonly heard (that also fits in the smallest nutshell)
is: “It’s the property behind those big pink walls on Sycamore Canyon Road,
famous for its strange gardens, that was once the home of opera singer
Madame Ganna Walska.”
That being said, it’s those who would give either of the first two answers
that pose the biggest challenge to the administrators of Ganna
Walska Lotusland Foundation, which operates
the fabled 37-acre estate according to
the wishes of its late benefactress.
For those who think admission
is nearly impossible and that
a visit has to be planned
months in advance, they
are probably assuming that
things haven’t changed
since the property was
first opened for public
tours in 1993.
by Lynn P. Kirst
photos: Nic Barlow & Bill Dewey
A New Era for Lotusland
Statuary, water features and decorative tile work can
be found throughout the 37-acre estate known as
Ganna Walska Lotusland
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