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spr ing
he peace and tranquility of living in Montecito or Santa Barbara
can change very quickly as three wildfires in rapid succession
that ravaged this area in 2008 and 2009 illustrated. The three
fires, named after the areas in which they began – Zaca, Tea, and Jesu-
sita – burned and/or destroyed hundreds of homes and, of course, hun-
dreds of thousands of wildland acres. Many residents, especially those
with large estates near what is called the wildland-urban interface have
felt the fear of fire and concern for home protection.
Creating Fire Resistant
Montecito Modern
With that thought in mind we turn toward Modern Architecture for tips
on fire-preventive building techniques.
Modern architecture is often defined through the expression of:
1) clean geometric forms as building ornament;
2) large expanses of glass to capture both light and views;
3) a palette of building materials pleasing to the eye and the hand.
Stemming from technology and engineering developments of the Indus-
trial Revolution, in conjunction with the availability of materials such as
s t ructures
by Just in Isel in
Er ic Figge
Peter Mal inowski
Lawrence Anderson
Warner Group Architects used steel and glass to
frame ocean & mountain views