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Once the home of Paul “Crocodile Dundee” Hogan and his wife, Linda
Kozlowski, this Montecito Victorian with its steep gables, tall finials and wrap-
around porch was completely redone to restore and renovate its interior spaces
and its attractive windows, flooring, and hardware.
Montecito Matrimony
If one is looking for a place to tie the spousal knot and one has the right
connections, Montecito offers a plethora of locations for magical matrimonial
memories. Neither 95-degree heat nor fallen ash from a fast-burning wildfire
could spoil Anthony and Heather’s and Lauren and Christian’s special day, while
Ursula and Pat ran into no such problems; all three couples celebrated their vows
in local, treasured, spaces.
Linda Chase says she had been “inspired by catastrophe” as an earthquake
hurried her out of Los Angeles and the events of 9/11/2001 forced her from her
Manhattan abode. She’s now comfortably ensconced in Montecito: all the
better from which to run her international interior design business. Did we tell you
she has also authored three books?
High-Tech Architecture
William Janka has been president of Mission Audio Video in Santa Barbara for the
past twenty years and knows more about home entertainment than, well, just
about anybody. His company builds and installs home movie theaters as well as
smaller entertainment systems that fit easily into dens, living rooms, even kitchens,
if so required. His latest is a “man cave” featuring a 10’ x 4.5’ Cinemascope
screen complete surround sound and a wet bar.
In the Garden
Randy Arnowitz is a self-admitted “gardening maniac” who can’t get enough of
weeding, planting, re-planting, cutting, soaking, sprinkling, watering, plucking,
dead-heading, pruning and amending. “The phone is ignored. Friends invite. It is
imperative that I divide another orchid,” he confesses. Read his “Confessions of a
Gardening Maniac” at your own peril.
Summer in Summerland usually means a trip to the Bikini Factory for the ladies
and a safari to A-Frame Surf on Santa Claus Lane for the guys. Joanne Calitri says
ruched and retro are what’s in this year and captures that late spring moment
with the help of Eliane Alexandre, Dan Encell, and a gaggle of Santa Barbara
surf and sun aficionados.
Mary Johnson’s elaborate and intricately painted boots are made for walking,
eyeing, admiring, showing off even. “If you don’t like attention, then my boots
are not for you!” she warns. The problem, as we see it, is that her footwear is so
attractive, one is loath to spoil them by wearing them.
Some of the best polo in the world is often played right here at Santa Barbara
Polo & Racquet Club just south of Summerland; this summer, the internationally
acknowledged best polo player in the world – 32-year-old Argentinean Adolfo
Cambiaso – comes off his third Crab Orchard team U.S. Open win in Florida this
spring to compete in this year’s Pacific Coast Open.
Montecito boasts an array of excellent dining choices; in fact, even a dedicated
gourmand would have trouble finding better offerings than those one will find
in this tiny coastal village that hugs the mountains and admires the sea. You’ll
find every one of those eateries listed here, along with selected others found
between Carpinteria and Goleta.