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the planet’s first full high-def 3-D single lens projector.
But, what good is all this high technology for the home
without a special place in which to view it? It’s good that
you ask, because that’s where Mission Audio Video enters
the picture.
Home Theater systems, Janka says, can be installed in a
family room or living room, or in a room solely designed and
dedicated to just that. He and his crew are currently involved
in creating what he has described as a “maximum man cave”
featuring an attached patio with sliding doors.
It begins with a 60” diagonal plasma HDTV 1.78:1,
with surround-sound, woofers, and wet bar built into one
interior wall at one end of the room. Comfortable and unfussy
furniture for lounging and viewing takes up the center, and a
pool table occupies the other end. With the push of a button,
blackout shades cover the windows and glass doors, the
lights dim, a 10x4.5 foot Cinemascope movie screen with a
ratio of 2.35:1 can be lowered, and the projector turned on.
A complete movie and audio inventory is arranged and
monitored by The Kaleidescape System, which collects and
manages all DVDs and CDs the customer owns, buys, and/
or suggests, and loads them onto the system. The movie
sorter helps one select movies based on genre, director, year,
rating, length, lead actor and title. It will also play a clip, just
the movie without all the untoward ads and teasers and FBI
warnings, as well as allow one to navigate the movie menu.
Music CDs are stored and managed similarly. Movies can be
shown from any TV or projector in the home.
To personalize your home theater even further, Janka
produces a video clip that introduces viewers to your theater.
It can say “welcome to the home theater of the Jones’s, please
turn off your cell phones” or whatever dialog you prefer.
Janka describes himself as an electronic architect.
He and his team of specialists in IT, sound and acoustics,
cable and electrical, cabinetmakers and interior design, work
together to install the latest in technology within the space –
and price – restraints of each customer.
Mission Audio Video has a number of home theater systems
on display in its showroom at 1910 De La Vina Street in Santa
Barbara (805-682-7575). If you are considering installing
anything along these lines, we recommend a visit here first.
illiamJankahas headed
up Mission Audio Video
in Santa Barbara for
over 20 years. He is a five-year
Home Entertainment Source Board of
Directors member, has traveled the
U.S., the U.K. and Europe for training
and sharing tech info with other experts
in the field, and is headed to Asia
this year to present U.S. consumers’
wish lists to manufacturers of Home
Entertainment systems.
He knows his stuff.
So, after expounding upon the
latest 3-D high-definition systems
now available for home use – single
projectors, plasma and LCD flat panel
systems can project both 3-D and
non-3D – he proffers there will be even
more such wonders before the end of
2010, such as the CF3-D, hailed as
fal l
by Joanne A. Calitri
The Digital