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or all its assets – tropical weather, attractive ocean and
mountain recreation areas, fine dining and a thriving cultural
scene among them – Santa Barbara is sorely lacking in one
category. It has no major professional sports teams. Fans
of baseball, football, basketball, or even hockey have to head to Los
Angeles to catch the top athletes.
But that caveat doesn’t apply when it comes to polo. The Sport of
Kings has been played here since the first decade of the 20
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and the high-goal season at the Santa Barbara Polo & Racquet Club
consistently draws some of the best players in the world. In fact,
the consensus among polo enthusiasts is that there’s no better polo
anywhere in the country, or quite possibly the world, during the summer
months than you’ll find right here.
Polo has been played continuously in Santa Barbara since 1909,
except for a four-year break during World War II, when – spurred by
the enemy submarine attack in Goleta that represented the first such
by Steven Libowitz
photo by Kim Kumpart