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Moguls & Mansions
Francis T. Underhill’s ancestors helped finance the voyage of the Mayflower, but it
wasn’t until he came out west that he found fame and fortune on his own terms.
He designed Union Carbide founder C.K.G. Billings’ estate, Arrow Shirt’s Frederick
Peabody’s Solana, the clubhouse at Bartlett Polo Field (now a private home),
and the Roman poolhouse & cascading fountains at Arcady.
In The Garden
Randy Arnowitz suggests that although roses may be a little more difficult to grow
than, say, a lawn, the most robust modern varieties are fairly easy to tend to, and
they prosper in our sunny clime. If roses are your thing, it’s time to get out and do
something about it, as the best time to prune is mid-January. La Sumida Nursery
offers free pointers for nervous first-timers and volunteers at the Rose Garden
across from the Santa Barbara Mission often learn all they need to know.
Out West
The Yellowstone River is the longest un-dammed river in the lower 48 states; it
makes its way from Yellowstone Lake, the largest alpine lake in the United States,
and flows 692 miles before dumping into the Missouri River. Because of its free-
flowing nature, it is one of the finest trout streams in the world. Fishing it near its
source is an unparalleled experience.
Matrimony in Montecito
Meika Mosby and Colin McCrindle decided upon “traditional chic” as their
wedding motif and took the trolley from All Saints to the Biltmore; Giovanna
Bonasoro and Schuyler Du Bourdieu said their vows at Mt. Carmel, ate paninos at
noon, picnicked at the Music Academy, and held a Mediterranean feast at the
Historical Museum; Pamela Dillman and Christopher Haskell exchanged rings at
the Valley Club with Reverend Jeffrey Bullock from All Saints and Pastor Charles
Cole of Calvary Chapel presiding; Nicholas Gonzalez and Lauren Keener chose
Ty Warner’s San Ysidro Ranch for their picnic style nuptials.
Art & Sculpture
David Herschler’s Ribbons of Steel have graced museums and public arenas such
as the NASA Space Center in Florida, and in private homes around the world
for decades, yet this Montecito resident hasn’t had a local show in over twenty
years. The reclusive sculptor’s most recent output, however, can still be admired
and purchased at his home studio/gallery.
Home Re-Building
Wildfires took out a couple hundred homes in and around Montecito over
the past two years; living in vulnerable but wildly beautiful areas such as this
comes with risks that most people who choose to live here reluctantly accept.
Joanne Calitri examines up-to-date methods of minimizing such hazards via
smart construction and fire-resistant building materials, along with defensive
landscaping, and a “safe room,” just in case.
100 Weekend Getaway
The Stonepine Estate Resort in Carmel Valley has been the choice getaway for Los
Angeles and San Francisco residents for many years. For example, when Dennis &
Joanie Franz chose a wedding location, they simply rented the entire estate and
its twenty rooms for the ceremony and reception afterwards. You can too.
106 Structures
Home is where the hearth is, and for thousands of years, fireplaces have been
the central attraction in most living abodes. Now that central heating and
modern kitchens obviate the need for ready flames, fireplaces and their charms
have moved from the living room to master bedrooms, libraries, and bathrooms.
Many higher-end homes, however, continue to feature grand hearths and
mantels in living rooms.
108 Montecito Eateries
Montecito boasts an array of excellent dining choices; in fact, even a dedicated
gourmand would have trouble finding better offerings than those one will find in
this tiny coastal village that embraces the mountains while throwing its arms out
towards the sea. You’ll find every one of those eateries listed here, along with
selected others found between Carpinteria and Goleta.