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22 Up North
Melynda Harrison takes an arduous journey to Churchill, Manitoba, just
below the arctic circle, to stay at the Tundra Buggy Lodge, a mobile,
train-like lodging vehicle comprised of specialized modules. Guests
are immersed in Canadian landscape as they get alarmingly close to
Churchill’s main attraction: polar bears.
26 Moguls & Mansions
Pennsylvania-born William Andrews Clark got his start providing supplies
to gold miners in Salt Lake City during the 1860s. After a political stint in
Butte, Montana, he made his way further west, buying newspapers and
railroad lines along the way. Hattie Beresford delves into his life and the
life of one of his daughters - Huguette Marcelle Clark - who looked after
the family’s Santa Barbara estate, Bellosguardo, after his death in 1925.
42 Leaving it All Behind
Matt Mazza and his family were leading a comfortable life in Montecito
until one fateful lunch, when they decided they wanted something
more. They packed up the necessities, bought plane tickets, and left it
all behind. Now, Matt, his wife, Wendi, and two young children, Lily and
Kate, are nomads, traveling the world with no agenda, and no end
date in sight.
52 Profiles
Before donning a captain’s hat, Fred Benko was a mischievous college
student. After taking a judge’s advice and enlisting in the Marine
Corps, he went from meteorologist to Pfizer Laboratories salesman, with
folksinger in between. Finally settling down in Santa Barbara, Fred is now
sought after for his extensive sea and whale knowledge as captain of the
Condor Express.
The Bee Whisperer
Dave Uhler grew up in Portugal cliff-jumping, creating herb concoctions
and studying bees. After moving to Santa Barbara in 2007, he worked for
a commercial beekeeper, but missed the intimacy with nature that small-
scale beekeeping offered. His business - Home Grown Honey - was born,
and 22-year-old Uhler now has 40 clients, providing them with hives and
education on honey-harvesting and general care of bees.
Mike Mazza and family really have left
it all behind. Their most recent “home” was an
Airstream trailer on the roof of the Grand Daddy
Hotel in Cape Town, South Africa