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70 Landmarks
In this first of a two-part series on the Santa Barbara Cemetery, Lynn P. Kirst
takes an in-depth look at the history, setting and notable residents of the burial
ground, “a place of rest so attractive that one might well wish to come to
Santa Barbara to die.” When the Santa Barbara Cemetery Association chose
the location of the new cemetery in 1867, they never could have imagined
what a desirable plot of land it would become.
80 Structures
Jon and Mary Lou Sorrell transformed an unremarkable home into an
enchanting French Country farmhouse, which sold for full asking price
the first day it was listed on the market. Take a peek at the outstanding
before-and-after pictures, and find yourself wanting to cozy up next to the
sandstone fireplace in the kitchen/family room, or sit among the olive trees in
the interior courtyard.
88 A Crystal Cruise
A ship big enough to feature an award-winning spa and restaurants with
master chefs in the kitchen, but small enough for most of the crew to know
each passenger by name, Crystal Symphony offers world-class amenities while
traveling around the globe. A trip to Alaska aboard the liner in a penthouse
suite leaves James Buckley spoiled rotten and well fed.
96 Montecito Matrimony
Michelle Fuhrer and Michael Hanna chose the San Ysidro Ranch to tie the
knot; Ashley Dockery and Joe Roberts decided on the Biltmore as their
beachside wedding locale after dating for eight years; Charlotte Senior and
Daniel Mecozzi’s wedding ceremony took place at the Montecito Country
Club; Kristin Einarsson and Caleb Owens’s nuptials found them at the Biltmore;
Dalina Lowdermilk and Mike Klan decided on the Montecito Country Club;
Anne Bernstein and Matt Costello tied the knot at the Coral Casino.
110 Down on the Farm
Adding to the plethora of advantages of living in an area with some of the
best weather in the country, gardens can prosper during winter, as we get a
complete, second season of both vegetable and flower gardening. Find lists
(and rhymes) of seeds that flourish during the winter, tips on how to care for
winter crops, and how to get the most out of the cooler season.
114 Eateries
For a tiny coastal village (population: 10,000 souls) wedged comfortably
between the mountains and the sea, Montecito has an array of excellent
dining choices; you’ll find every one of them listed in this guide, along with
selected others found between Carpinteria and Goleta.