Page 110 - Montecito Journal Glossy Edition Winter Spring 2012/13

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by Chuck Graham
he sandstone slab is a desert canvas of elaborate petroglyphs hidden in clusters of rocks
and the sweltering heat in Damaraland of Namibia in southwest Africa.
The San Bushmen rock art is some of the most impressive found anywhere in the
region dating back to 2,000 years old. Yet despite the detailed etchings’ exposure to
moisture, heat and wildlife, they appear as if they were created yesterday.
Many of the petroglyphs detail the hunt and the connection between the Bushmen and the
surrounding wildlife in the oldest desert in the world. Rhinos, elephants, antelope, lions and other
animals that have adapted and survived in this harsh desert environment are depicted on rock, but
still roam a habitat inhospitable to most.
I’ll never get enough of Africa. Last May in Namibia – “land of open space” in the Nama dialect
– was my 14th trip to the “Dark Continent.” I hadn’t been to Namibia since 1995, and I looked
forward to returning ever since. It became a country in 1991, and following just behind Mongolia
Overland across Namibia
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