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Guy Veloz has a story to tell. It’s that of his parents, Frank and Yolanda,
the famous dancers of the 1930s and ‘40s; and with a little help from his
friends, he’s finally able to tell it. After twenty-five years of script permutation
and a search for like-minded support, An American Tango played to an
impressed audience at Santa Barbara’s Lobero Theatre this past October.
Veloz might have once been accustomed to hearing the phrase “we don’t
do dialogue” uttered by reluctant ballet purists; but now, as his theater-
dance hybrid begins to reach a wider audience, he’ll likely be hearing that
dialogue from a Broadway stage soon.
Hailing from Jackson Hole, Wyoming, Emily Rosendahl handcrafts leather
bags on her 20-acre ranch near Montecito. With no formal training nor
patterns to follow, she was influenced early on by her grandmother, the
“craft fair queen,” and began sewing her own clothes in high school. Emily
moved to Santa Barbara in 1999, and started crafting leather goods in 2007.
Her love for creating personal and affordable leather bags is evidenced in
her bags’ craftsmanship, mixing sophistication with the carefree spirit of her
inner cowgirl.
Take five women in their 40s and 50s who all share a love for rock music and
performing live, and you get MYNX. Growing up dreaming of becoming
rock stars, the women put aside two evenings a week without fail to perfect
covers of songs by bands such as Blur, the Clash, Def Leppard and the Foo
Fighters. MYNX plays live twice a month, and has built up a solid following.
Catch them soon rocking on a stage near you.
On Canvas
While Mary Kennedy pursues a variety of artistic endeavors, her main focus is
painting. After moving to California from the North Dakota badlands in 1990,
she began working with tile maker Richard Keit, using a tiling technique
known as Cuerda Seca (“dry cord”), a style that originated in Spain during
the 15th century. Kennedy and Keit are the artistic talents behind RTK Studios
based out of Ojai, where they provide decorative tile work and murals,
among other services, to a varied clientele.
On Art
After earning an art degree at UCSB then studying at the Academy of Fine
Art in Venice, Emiliano Campobello moved to Holland, where he learned
the craft of faux finish. Spending 11 years working on decorative painting
projects, he eventually mastered three-dimensional creations, combining
painting, sculpting and faux finishes. Moving back to his hometown of Santa
Barbara, Campobello took on projects in Montecito that included restoring
a mural in the Coral Casino. From there, the Beverly Hills Hotel hired him to
meticulously apply 25,000 gold leaves throughout the lobby domes, earning
him the nickname of “Michelangelo” from the staff.
From costume jewelry to handmade pieces crafted from gems found
in exotic places, these jewelry boutiques offer an array of elegant
craftsmanship: Silverhorn, 33 Jewels, Danuta, Ciao Bella, A.H. Gaspar,
Coast 2 Coast Collection, Trésor, Gauthier, Daniel Gibbings Jewelry, and
David Tallman.
“Velos and Yolanda”
by Michael Matheson
contact info: 805.280.1120