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60 Visions of Vintage
Antiquing: Women love it, men love the women that drag them out of the house
to do it. These unique shops – American Home & Garden in Ventura, Whimsy
Antiques in Carpinteria, Méditerranée Antiques in Summerland, Country House
Antiques in Montecito, Peregrine Galleries in Montecito, The Rack and Treasure
House in Montecito, and Vintage Etc. in San Luis Obispo – will make it easy for
the happy couples of the Central Coast to plan all weekend activity for the
foreseeable future. Come on, guys, you know you like it.
Moguls & Mansions
After selling his family’s stock in the Ford Motor Company in 1919, David Gray
brought his wife and son to Montecito, where he built the baronial estate,
christened Graholm. Interested in much more than luxuriously furnishing the
Spanish-style house with European treasures, Gray invested also in his community.
He was a businessman indeed, but perhaps more importantly a philanthropist
and promoter of Montecito’s tradition of aesthetic excellence. 
Art & Architecture
The Cast Courts of London’s Victoria & Albert Museum house replicas of some
of the most famous works of art in history. They are comprised of two halls filled
with copies of such sculptures as Trajan’s Column, Raphael’s School of Athens,
and Michelangelo’s David. The museum was first opened in 1873 with pieces
purchased from the Crystal Palace Exhibition chosen by Sir Henry Cole, the first
director, and quickly garnered criticism from the public. Today, the Cast Courts
are a popular destination for travelers looking to take in as much art as possible
without the need for “The Grand Tour” of European art locales.
Santa Rosa is more than just an island lying twenty-six miles off the coast of
Santa Barbara that you can glimpse on a clear day; the 54,000-acre landmass
is a fertile wellspring of discovery. Hosting the remains of early people and their
culture, the island has been at the center of much conversation and debate.
Notably, the “Arlington Springs Man” contributed to a shift in consensus regarding
how prehistoric humans migrated to America. As the tides of scientific thought
ebb and flow, Santa Rosa Island’s fossilized artifacts and geographic features tell
stories of a deep past that continue to inform our world today. 
Montecito Matrimony
Erica Camardella & Allan Smith said “I do” at Our Lady of Mount Carmel Church;
Dana Musgrove & Michael Costello’s purple and sparkly nuptials overlook the
Montecito foothills at a private estate; Kinsey Packard & Charles Koznick planned
an elegant wedding at the Montecito Country Club; Kristy Warnen & Mark
Lieblein said their vows at a destination wedding, held at the San Ysidro Ranch;
Devon Seeple & Benjamin Espejo wedded at an orange-themed affair at the
Montecito Country Club; Lisa Weintraub & Joseph Taylor married at San Ysidro
Ranch, “French Country” style.
110 Far-Flung Travel
In May of 2012, a man and his wife ventured far from the comforts of Santa
Barbara to the challenging environs of Namibia, Africa, where they spent the
greater part of a month seeking out the natural wonders of that sprawling
landscape. Getting off the sand-blown path, they explored the vast terra un-
firma – shifting dunes and soft, desolate coast – that antelopes, wildebeests,
and warthogs all call home. While the travelogue herein may transport to a
world away, this couple saw it unfit to abandon their Montecitan inclinations
completely; they found the time to enjoy a champagne breakfast on the resting
116 Eateries Guide
For a tiny coastal village (population: 10,000 souls) wedged comfortably
between the mountains and the sea, Montecito has a good selection of
excellent dining choices; you’ll find every one of them listed in this guide, along
with other chosen eateries from Carpinteria to Goleta.