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he curious thing is that, except for me and Layout
and Design director Trent Watanabe, the rest of the
staff at
Montecito Journal
are women. Bright women.
Talented women. If it weren’t for the women in my
life (and here I’m including not only my beautiful wife, Jacqueline, but
my mother, Helen, too), there’d be no glossy issue of this publication.
They do it all and it sometimes seems that I’m just around for the ride.
Take Eva Van Prooyen, who has worked with me or my dad
for more than twenty years. She describes herself as having been
“a freckle-faced teenager with a quirky sense of humor” when she
first moved here from Truckee. Well, she was certainly that, but her
ability to discern what’s important in a story seriously separates her
from other freckle-faced writers, be they male or female (FYI: her
freckles have all but disappeared).
Lynn Kirst and Hattie Beresford have been writing for us
for more than seven years. Lynn’s piece in this issue on Art &
Architecture and especially on the Cast Courts at London’s Victoria
& Albert Museum is as well researched and inspirational a piece
as one could hope to expect. That, and Part One of her exhaustive
exploration of Santa Rosa Island comprise a wealth of historical
journalism that would fit comfortably in any issue of
… but we got her first.
Hattie’s series on Santa Barbara and Montecito’s Moguls and
Mansions has been a mainstay of ours since the very first issue, but,
but, but, we could go on. Take a look at our Contributors on page
20 and you’ll see and read about the rest of our staff: Kelly Mahan;
my sister Lily Buckley;
L.A. Confidential
Huffington Post
contributor Jenn Kennedy; and former
Harper’s Bazaar
Us Weekly
Santa Barbara Magazine
editor Wendy Jenson. Resourceful women dominate this publication
and they are talented to a fault. They’re fun to work with too. (Sorry,
Chuck, you’ll get yours next time.)
All we can say to that is, how fortunate for us that they
Montecito Journal
as their preferred outlet. We are thankful,
overjoyed, and immensely pleased that they did.
We hope, we trust, that you will be also.
Tim Buckley
Publisher’s Note
Women On Parade