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Architectural Design
Hugh Twibell
Interior Design
Genny Cummings, Indigo
at last.
had just tossed in the air after getting home from work. If you Google
Horsemen of the Apocalypse
tango, you will also be able to view Valentino’s
full-spurred version of the dance.
“What’s wonderful about this ballet,” Soleau says during a short
conversation at the Gail Towbes Dance Studio off Las Positas in Santa
Barbara, “is that when we’re telling you the story of their life, we have
all that fantastic era of the Jazz Age. This piece literally goes through the
‘twenties, ‘thirties, and ‘forties. We have a Charleston section; we have
a Lindy section; rumba, tango of course, a Castle Walk (created and
introduced by Vernon Castle in 1912; Soleau has rearranged the original
steps) so we’re kind of showing the history of ballroom, because the tango
and such came out of the Castle Walk… It’s a great story for ballet because
you have so many of these songs, from Duke Ellington, Fats Waller,
Gershwin, all that.”
The History
Michael Roush is Guy’s business partner and producer, and they’ve
known each other since the early ‘90s, having met through an early
production of
Veloz & Yolanda, An American Love Story,
a two-act play that