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notes. “We are very hopeful this will continue to tour and that it will
expand to more markets and can make that crossover to the theater
Current plans include a show in Los Angeles next year with the
State Street Ballet.
Michael adds that the screenplay is a strong piece of work, “and
now, in the light of the increased interest in dance, and to have a true
story of where a lot of this comes from, it is a great opportunity for us
to introduce a narrative piece in the form of a feature film.”
Along that line, the script, he says, “is currently in front of an
A-list actress and a director.”
An American Tango
is no doubt coming soon to a theater or movie
house near you. Count on it.
For more information about State Street Ballet, you can call them at
805-563-3262. For tickets and information about upcoming performances,
you are invited to call the Lobero box office at 805-963-0761 or online at