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is how people survive their winters, off of meat they have shot and killed. I know the
hides I am using are not coming from animals that have been harmed or threatened
because of their hides. They are raised for whole animal use. I have certification to prove
that every hide I have bought is ethically obtained.”
Surprisingly, making bags is something Emily does on the side. After managing
Upstairs at Pierre Lafond for five years, then Wendy Foster Sportswear and Dress Shop
for over a year, Emily wanted to spend more time on her bags, and opted to transition to
a sales position with the company four days a week.
Emily’s brand includes a lifestyle blog called The Goods and collaborations with
artists and national bloggers including Santa Barbara resident Samantha Hutchinson’s
Could I Have That blog. “I wake up in the morning, I see how I’m feeling, and I blog
it. They are short and sweet, but consistent with how I live. This
is me, these are my goods, and this is the stuff that makes up my
life. It’s easy. It’s relaxed. I’m not fussy.”
Emily also partnered and collaborated with artist and
friend Karen Bezuidenhout on a bag collection called The Skye
Collection. “I made a fifteen-piece collection and Karen hand
painted horse paintings to the bags.” A portion of the proceeds
went to benefit Return to Freedom, a wild horse sanctuary in
Lompoc, which had a new colt born called Skye.
“I do this because I love it and it is not going to stop at
handbags; I made pillows this weekend out of beautiful organic
block print fabric on the front and leather on the back,” says
Emily, hinting that housewares and upholstery are on the way.
“My bags have been near and far. I have beaten my bags
and my girlfriends have taken them across the world. They have
been everywhere, on massive jets, private planes, boats, trails, and
safari – you name it they’ve been there. They’re hearty. It makes
me feel good that there is a product I get to make that I know is
going to last for a really long time.”
Emily’s bags are currently sold Upstairs at Pierre Lafond;
Wendy Foster State Street; Bet the Ranch in Jackson Hole,
Wyoming; The Golden Bear in Vail, Colorado; and stores in
Virginia, Arizona, and South Carolina. For more information,
Everyone needs a little
Western and cowgirl spirit
in their life
We’ve always kind of
marched to our own beat
in my family, and my beat has
been loud and different
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