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Proving, perhaps, that they made the correct decision.
There exist voices that are right for fronting a rock band. Vivien has one of
those voices. It’s raspy and sexy. She sounds like someone who was up all night
shouting over loud music in a club. (She wasn’t, at least not last night anyway.)
Vivien grew up in Zimbabwe and South Africa so she has a cool accent, too.
MYNX recently recorded “Someday is Today,” their first original song.
Stacey wrote the apropos lyrics with Vivien’s input, figuring Viv would feel more
comfortable singing them: Better late than never/Can’t keep saying whenever/
Til now this wasn’t allowed/Born to live my life out loud/Getting out of my own
way/No longer say someday/All the rest was just foreplay/Someday someday
someday/Someday is today.
Next, Stacey collaborated with Santa Barbara-based producer JR Richards
(Dishwalla) on the melody. JR then worked with each band member on her
individual part. Production is underway on the video for the song. The evolution
of MYNX continues.
Not long ago, Vivien, Laurie, Stacey, Dawn, and Donna dreamt of being
rock stars; now they are doing it. The future likely holds a MYNX CD. There
are dreams of opening for a big name at a big venue, and MYNX rocking the
hometown crowd at the Santa Barbara Bowl. Maybe someday.
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(Photo: Kelly Combs)
(Photo: Wendy Jenson)