Page 47 - Montecito Journal Glossy Edition Winter Spring 2012/13

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which she describes as figurative, realistic, and in the style of the old masters.
Kennedy prefers to work with live models over photographs of people, saying, “Invariably
their personality comes through better, as I can sense the subtleties of their expression and
bring that to the canvas.” She is also taking online courses in anatomy to better understand
how the human frame is supported from the inside out. Kennedy adds, “You can fake trees
or a bowl of fruit, but skin tone and body composure must be accurate or the brain knows
something is off.”
With a steady clientele from RTK studios’ tile work, Kennedy doesn’t feel pressure to
produce a large body of painting work in the short term. She creates from the heart and it shows.
No doubt her work will be on show sometime next year.
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