Page 49 - Montecito Journal Glossy Edition Winter Spring 2012/13

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Suzanne Perkins
Sotheby ’s International Realty
In response to the needs of our global world and clients, I became a founding
member of a ground breaking partnership comprised of the finest Sotheby’s
real estate professionals in every key market worldwide. The scope and
stature of this partnership represents a first in our industry. In over 30 markets
and growing, we work in lockstep, enabling each other to have our fingers
on the pulse of the worldwide real estate market at all times. We offer the
ultimate in service to our clients: we give them our unparalleled expertise
and access in the real estate world and we share our extensive network of
contacts, which are the most coveted resources and experiences life has to
offer, both inside and outside the home. Our clients know when they work
with us they have direct access to all of this, wherever they are. Come meet
the rest of my partners:
A Global Partnership
A global world = a global real estate partnership
Local & global real estate expertise
Direct access to resources of all the partners
Real estate & lifestyle advisors, guiding you everywhere
Operated by Sotheby’s International Realty, Inc.
A Global Partnership