Page 6 - Montecito Journal Glossy Edition Winter Spring 2012/13

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YoungJets, LLC is not a direct or indirect "air carrier". YoungJets, LLC does not own or operate any aircraft and acts solely as an agent in procuring charter services for our customers.
Flights are flown under Part 121 or 135 of the Federal Aviation Regulations ("FAR") or foreign equivalent ("Operators"), that exercise full operational control of the charter flights at all times.
G-650 image courtesy of Gulfstream Aerospace
des of Experience Worldwide Resources • Unparalled S
locally owned, internationally known
YoungJets is a boutique jet charter services provider with a fresh approach: high-altitude luxury
and value rooted here on Earth. YoungJets offers the most competitive rates in the charter
industry with one-way, round-trip and multi-leg pricing at well below the hourly costs of jet
cards or fractional shares. Our worldwide network meets the industry’s most rigorous safety
standards and ranges from affordable turbo props to the newest model heavy jets. And with a
Santa Barbara office staffed 24/7 with seasoned charter logistics experts, YoungJets is the only
call you need to make for a seamless connection between here, there, anywhere….
worldwide resources
unparalleled safety
decades of experience