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Whimsy Antiques
ocated just a few blocks from each other in the seaside town of
Carpinteria, Whimsy Antiques boasts two locations. The first,
Whimsy Home & Garden, is located in a century-old flower-packing
warehouse on 7th Street. There you’ll find nautical and beach-themed
antiques, seasonal home accessories, vintage textiles, estate jewelry
and more. A short walk away to Linden Avenue, Whimsy Town &
Country has a retro feel; you’ll likely find cool architectural salvage, hip
nostalgic signs, vintage clothing and jewelry, a variety of seashells, old
silver pieces and refinished furniture. Owners Alan and Karen Clark are
always on the lookout for off-the-wall items to add to the shops; they
travel all over the country to find things that can be reused, recycled and
repurposed, which is the motto at Whimsy.
Home & Garden
5042 7th Street, Carpinteria, CA
Town & Country
962 Linden Ave., Carpinteria, CA
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