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Vintage Etc.
his adorable shop is located in
the historic Chinatown area of
downtown San Luis Obispo, on the first
floor of the Ah Louis Store, which was
erected in 1874 and once sold tea, sugar,
rice, and Chinese goods. The original
shelving, floors, and ceiling remain, but
are now covered in old and new home
accessories, gift items, refinished furniture pieces and more. The shop, owned,
stocked and staged by mother and daughter team Judy Mora and Amy Beeman,
is filled to the brim with vintage aprons, stacked old suitcases, mid-century house
wares, rustic bottles, mismatched tea cups and saucers, silver pieces, vintage
linens, and lots more. Formerly called The Nest, Vintage Etc. also has Parisian
and London-themed sections, a seasonal section, a baby section, a bird-themed
section, and shelf after shelf of vintage wedding paraphernalia, including old
wedding cake toppers, candle holders, champagne flutes, silver serving trays, and
vintage doilies. The shop is rearranged constantly, which makes it a destination
for antique enthusiasts near and far.
800 Palm Street, San Luis Obispo, CA • (805) 594-1942
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