Page 79 - Montecito Journal Glossy Edition Winter Spring 2012/13

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Ken Jacobsen, Michelle Martinich, Jeff DeVine, and Laurie Leighty
At American Riviera Bank,we don’t have the layers, the automated voice menus,
or the call centers off in distant places like other banks. Here, you deal directly
with bankers who know you personally, and have the expertise and authority to
make things happen - quickly. Whether you need a line of credit, a construction loan, or just a safe place
to keep your money, stop by and see us. You’ll feel appreciated the minute you walk through the door.
Feel good about your bank
1033 Anacapa Street | Santa Barbara, CA 93101 | Phone (805) 965-5942 |
Coming Soon to Montecito!
Good old-fashioned banking, with great customer service
and state-of-the-art technology!
The FDIC won’t guarantee that you’ ll
receive exceptional service. We will.