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spr ing
o n t e c i to
by Kelly Mahan
ontecito has long been a destination for couples about to tie the knot. These four featured
weddings represent classic Montecito: historic churches, hidden estates, and world-class hotels. Several of
the brides and grooms come from local families with deep roots in Montecito.
Meika and Colin McCrindle
arried during summer 2009, the McCrindles were joined
together at All Saints by-the-Sea Episcopalian church on
Eucalyptus Avenue. After pulling the toll bells to signify the
marriage, the couple, along with 14 attendants, boarded a trolley and were
taken just down the road to the Biltmore, where their 80 guests enjoyed
cocktails with the sound of waves crashing in the background.
The bride, Meika Mosby, grew up in Montecito, as did her father,
Montecito Water District General Manager Tom Mosby. He and Meika’s
Jewelers, located in Montecito’s Upper Village. Colin, whose parents are
Kevin and Beth McCrindle from Iowa, prepared for the big event with his
groomsmen at the nearby Coral Casino.
With their siblings by their side – Meika’s brother Mark and Colin’s
sisters Megan and Katie were in the wedding party – the couple dined and
mother, Britt, have been married 37 years. In what Meika calls her
“traditional chic” wedding, she wore a simple and elegant dress bought
from a boutique in San Francisco, which is also the city where the duo
met, through mutual friends. She accentuated the dress with diamond
drop earrings and a diamond necklace, furnished by Bryant & Sons