Page 92 - Montecito Journal Glossy Edition Winter Spring 2012/13

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story and photographs
by Lynn P. Kirst
Santa Rosa Island
part one: The Earliest Inhabitants
lthough it’s a Montecito landmark, it’s not part of Montecito. It’s one of those landmarks that you
from Montecito, depending on atmospheric
conditions and from where you are looking. Due south from Montecito, across the Santa Barbara Channel, the monolithic Santa Cruz Island seems a
floating mountain range. But to its west, when the sunlight and shadows are just right, you can see outlines meet. Where Santa Cruz Island’s western
boundary dips into the ocean, another landmass, farther out, captures the eye.
is the landmark of Santa Rosa Island, and up close, it’s much bigger than it
appears from the mainland.
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